In the series “Revelations” I show the beauty against the imperfections of the women, in a world where everything centers on perfection. They have the strength to show their vulnerabilities, literally and figuratively and to reveal their stories behind the scars. The uncertainties, the fears and the pain.

These vulnerabilities, but still more, the strength within them move me. It touches me deeply that people are willing to share their stories with me. The scars in the series are decorated with their own imagination. They portray the acceptance of the scars as a symbol of what they have endured. It is an essential part of who they are.

The series has been published on the websites below:

Pf magazine online:
BMK kandidaat:
Foto Femme United:
Siena Award:
L’Œil de la Photographie Magazine:

This story, told in the words of the people portrayed, can be found in my magazine. This is for sale in the Blurb store.